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     The members of Black Euphoria first met sometime in 1999 when Phoenix set out to find musicians to complete the line up for the band.  Eventually Phoenix and Michael met and realised they had similar musical tastes and shared a similar vision.
     The duo began rehearsing on a regular basis, working around each other's busy schedules.  By the fall, the songs were sounding great and recording the first album was just around the corner!
     The search was now on for a bass player to complete the band's line up so they could begin performing the material live at local clubs.  After several auditions, the duo began growing impatient as many hopefuls fell short of the band's demands. 
     As Y2K rolled around, the band decided to enter the recording studio and begin working on their debut album without a permanent bass player.  Phoenix was prepared to play bass on the recording, which was a logical choice since he wrote and recorded all the parts on the demo version of the album.  As the recording sessions came to a close, a permanent bassist was still not found.
     Black Euphoria's self-titled debut album was finally completed with the arrival of 2001. The album features a unique blend of hard rock, alternative, and funk, with hints and splashes of blues, hip-hop, and punk.  Standout tracks include the attack of “Don't Bore Me”, the funky “Clown”, the soulful “Requiem”, and the power of “Deteriornation”.