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October 1st, 2006

      Hey fans!  It’s gonna be a pretty busy year for Black Euphoria as they are working on material for their second album.  The sessions are going great and they hope to have the album complete by the end of summer.  Black Euphoria is once again searching for a bass player.  So, if anyone out there is or knows someone who would be interested in playing bass for the band, just send an email to 

     The band is also looking to make some contacts in the music industry and would love to talk with labels and distributors.  As soon as the final cuts are recorded for the second release, they will concentrate on live shows and touring.  Some of the songs that will appear on the second album include "Suffer Machine", "Brand New God", "Devil Dance", and "Yesterdays Gone".  The album will be a great mix of hard hitting and melody based songs! 

     Black Euphoria wants to know what you think!  Send them an email on the contact page and tell them what you think of the self-titled first release or anything else you want to ask the band!  Don’t forget to download the two lead singles “Requiem” and “Clown” from the album!  They are free!  Enjoy the album everyone and visit the site once in a while for updates!